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Each project is designed to help you learn just one or two new sewing skills at a time.

These projects help you to STOP:

  • Wasting time trying to pick what you’re going to sew next
  • Wondering what projects are right for your current skill level
  • Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with projects that “seemed” easy at first

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Memade Wardrobe Testimonial
"As a beginner at sewing I have absolutely been loving this membership!!

I look forward to making the fun projects, learning new skills, and very much appreciate the motivation and support from Abbie & fellow members."
Ting P.
#MeMade Membership Member

Learn more about Each Sewing Stage Below!

Stage 0:

Daydream Designer

So you’ve decided you want to sew your own clothes. Awesome!

But now what?

In this stage, you’re typically asking:

  • I want to sew clothes, but how do I get started?
  • What supplies do I need?
  • Am I even talented/skilled  enough to do this?

Figuring out how to get started can be really overwhelming. 

That’s why I’ve put together my FREE 5-Day Sewing Challenge

It’s everything you need to sew your first project in just 1-week!

Asking Questions about Sewing Raised Hand

Stage 1:

My First #MeMade Outfit

At this stage, you’ve figured out how to use your sewing machine! Go you!

But now how do you go from complete beginner projects to sewing clothes?

I’ve got two options for you:

1~   Head to my FREE FB group. 
Each month I host beginner-friendly clothing projects

2~   Join the #MeMade Membership
Inside the membership,  I have (3) beginner friendly projects that will help you create your first #MeMade outfit!

Stage 2:

Fabric Fashionista

This stage is all about learning foundational skills needed to sew clothing.

These foundations include:

  • Working with Knit
  • How To Sew Zippers
  • How to Sew Buttons + Buttonholes
  • Curved Hems
  • Pockets

Once you’ve learned these skills, you can start creating a huge range of clothing!

Inside my membership I have projects specifically designed to help you learn these skills!

Stage 3:

Sewing Patterns 101

Ahhhhhhh, the dreaded sewing patterns!

This is one of the most confusing parts of sewing. 

It is also one of the fastest options you have for creating DIY designs, so it’s a really good skill to learn!

Why do sewing patterns make sewing so fast?

Because sewing patterns are pre-designed templates. That means you don’t have to design from scratch (which takes much longer) You just need to adjust the pattern to fit your beautiful body and away you go!

Inside my membership I walk you step-by-step through at least (1) level one sewing pattern, where I explain:

  • Sewing Pattern Terms
  • How to Find Your Size
  • Basic Fit Adjustments
  • And more!

Stage 4:

Sewing Pattern Pro

Have you used at least one sewing pattern without feeling completely lost?

Then you’re probably well on your way to being a sewing pattern pro.

In this stage, you start learning more technical sewing skills.

  • Professional seam finishes
  • How to Sew Collars
  • Use Interfacing
  • How to Sew Darts
  • How to Sew Pleats

Inside my membership I have a library of how-to videos to help you practice and master these advanced sewing skills.

Create + Live With Confidence

Stage 5:

DIY Fashion Designer

Do you feel confident using sewing patterns?

No matter what level they may be?

Then congrats! You are officially a DIY Designer!

In this stage, you have all the skills you need to create whatever you can dream up.

You may still have skills and techniques to learn, but you have the confidence and the knowledge to find the information you need.

Looking for a course on designing your own patterns? Use the button below to learn more!

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Learn How To Sew Clothes for Beginners

5 Super Simple Steps to Start Sewing…

even if your sewing machine is still in the box!

5 Super Simple Steps to Start Sewing...

even if your sewing machine is still in the box!

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